2 comments on “A Show of Gratitude, and an Update

  1. It has been a huge help to read what you’ve written, especially re PDA, I have a 12 year old recently diagnosed. Most people I know, including close family, and her father, who may have something similar, have not treated her well, and not tried to understand what’s going on. For her it has been so tough. Your words are helping me understand her from the inside, which is so so helpful. Thank you for that.
    It must be so difficult for you being so misunderstood by your doctor, i can’t imagine how frustrating that is, you seem so in tune with your difficulties. It would be so helpful to you if you were able to find someone to accompany you to see a doctor, is there no one to take?
    I have everything crossed for you that you will find a way to get your symptoms recognised for what they are. You seem to understand your self so well. That in itself is so clever and amazing, that isn’t easy for many people.
    It does seem to take time for some people and perhaps some places to recognise what’s happening, don’t give up on trying to find a way.
    You’ve been so helpful to me, I hope you get the help you want and need soon.

    • Thank you, Beverley. It means a lot for you to say that to me. Unfortunately I haven’t had much luck with my doctors – the one I see now doesn’t always see me at the agreed time – it usually takes an extra hour for me to have an appointment. I thought he was helping me get assessed for bipolar disorder but now it seems he just like many other doctors thinks I don’t have it. I really need to be treated for it. I have all the main symptoms but it just doesn’t seem like I need to be hospitalized for it. They will only treat it if it’s severe but even though it’s not the experience for me is very severe.
      I don’t really have anyone I can go see a doctor with. I’ve actually become really good at explaining my symptoms. I’ve done it so many times now that it just comes naturally to me.
      But your words have been encouraging to me and I won’t give up. Problem is very little is known about PDA in Australia. I often joke that I need to go to Britain just to be diagnosed. Maybe I should. My sister is moving there soon and as far as I can tell the healthcare system is better over there than here.
      Thanks again.

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