We’ve heard it all before in TV commercials: if you think you or someone close to you is suffering from mental illness, seek professional help. Even musicians get involved with raising awareness by playing shows and giving ticket sales to a mental health charity. But then when those people who to seek help will find it’s not as easy as the commercials and well-meaning friends imply.

Mental health professionals can be biased about how they view people with a disorder or illness and if they don’t think you fit the mold into their idea of a certain illness then they will deny you diagnosis and treatment. They may also slap a diagnosis on you for something you may not have because they didn’t do a thorough enough assessment.

Diagnosis Withheld is a place where those people can come and share their stories. It has become all too common that people with mental illness are not listened to properly and are either quickly given medication or a denied that medication they desperately need.

If you would like to share your story then get in contact with me.

There are a few rules I want people to follow when writing for this page:

1) Do not name and shame doctors. We’re only here to talk about negative experiences and not making allegations against a doctor.

2) You may use a pseudonym or your real name when writing posts but I ask you to not use real names of people you know. It’s just one of my ‘quirks’ where mentioning a real person’s name makes me feel uncomfortable.

3) Keep your writing balanced and not too emotive. I don’t want to post rants and again this is more because of personal reasons. I get very overwhelmed by emotive language in posts.

4) Try not to write novel length posts. I have this problem too but I don’t want visitors to be so overwhelmed by text they will choose to not read it at all.

Also, know that trolling in comments will not be tolerated at all. They will not be replied to and instantly deleted. Only I will read them and never tell the person they were meant for, to protect them as we all here have untreated mental illness and have difficulty regulating emotions and not get obsessed about what people say to us. You could make a depressed person suicidal or a person with bipolar become manic and think up a number of delusions. And if that is your aim you are nothing short of a monster. I accept that I will take all the abuse that isn’t intended for me, and even the abuse that is.

The main aim of this blog is to make people aware that not all who seek medical help will get it. I hope those just passing by will read the posts, learn from them and understand that the awareness campaigns and pushes to increase mental health services may just not be enough.


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